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Our charity began March, 2019. We began our camps with baseball and fishing. So many kids have enjoyed several different camps. We started off locally in Rappahannock and Fauquier counties of Virginia and Maryland as well. Although we will expand the camps, we will always be providing local camps.

Last July we hosted several camps for kids with special needs along with our new archery and tennis camps.

August was fun with hiking and fishing camps, more baseball and a basketball camp. 

September had more baseball, weightlifting and football.

October was a hit with a soccer and a baseball camp in Jamaica. Jamaica was so successful that they have requested we return for two more camps next year.

November started off with so much fun for both seniors and children at the Balloon Volleyball event at the Culpeper Health and Rehabilitation Center. Our second football camp was also a success.

This year began with baseball camps in the U.S. Virgin Islands. More camps (to be expanded to golf, boxing, double dutch and track) are being set for the above counties as well as Culpeper. We are also working requests for Cleveland, Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, Camden, SC., Dominican Republic, Nevis and Tallahatchie County Mississippi.